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Active Learning Network Meetings- Autumn Term

This term we have an exciting programme of Active Learning Network Meetings. You are more than welcome to come along and join us at University of Sussex for these or if you would like to join in using a remote connection then please do get in touch. Out three meetings for this term are:

Tuesday 10th October 4-5.30pm

What makes for good teaching? Community Research into Pedagogy using Brookfield’s Critical Lenses.

“The most important aspect to excellent critical practice involves going beyond the collection of feedback (from self, student, peer or scholarly lenses) by altering teaching methods and goals, documenting those changes and any progress toward goals, and becoming a student-centred, flexible and innovative teacher” (Stephen Brookfield, 1995)

Tuesday 7th November 4-5.30pm

Object based learning: The power of physical objects in the seminar room.

How do we support students in the process of critical and creative inquiry? A chance to try object based learning using archive material and to discuss the way it tries to blend individual reflection with collaborative learning in the process of knowledge construction.

Tuesday 5th December 4-5.30pm

Feedback: Exploring the transition from FE to HE and ways to improve and develop feedback mechanisms.

Invitations have been sent to local FE providers also for this meeting to promote FE/HE discussion over feedback. What are the differences? How do students use it and are there innovative ways of providing it?


Active Learning Masterclass 2

We will soon be posting details of our second “Active Learning Masterclass” to be held at Sussex University. Watch this space!