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24th Apr – 28th Apr 2023 – ALN Global Festival of Active Learning (click to open)

Every year in March/April we hold the ALN Global Festival of Active Learning. This is a five-day celebratory online event modelled on the idea of outdoor music festivals (such as Glastonbury Festival). It runs from Monday to Friday and has sessions in two different time blocks, 9am-10am (UK time) and 5pm-6pm (UK time). It also has a range of Moshpit Activities, which are open collaborative projects which anyone can contribute to in an asynchronous fashion.

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July 2023 – ALN International Active Learning Conference (click to open)

Every year in June/July, we hold the ALN International Active Learning Conference. This is a one- or two-day event which is usually hosted by one of our network satellite groups. It brings together best practice in active learning and serves as a platform for sharing, collaboration and networking.

Details for 2023 to follow.

Exploration Hour (click to open)

We often hold Exploration Hour events where members of the community get together to explore and discuss a topic related to active learning. Check back here for the next exploration hour


Past Events (click to open)

Tue 8th 10am-12pm, Tue 15th 10am-11:30am and Tue 22nd of Nov 10am-11:30am

The Active Learning Network inaugural free online CPD programme will take place on 3 consecutive Tuesdays in November (8th/15th and 22nd) from 10am – 12.00pm on the 8th and 10-11:30 on the 15th and 22nd. Whether you can make it to all three or just one or two, it would be great to see you there.

Each meeting will be delivered by members of the Active Learning community who contributed chapters to the 100+ ideas for active learning book. The three sessions will focus on inclusive Practice, Building Communities and Empowering Learners respectively.

Be prepared to engage in some active learning yourself of course and to take away a tool kit of ideas to try out in your own practice. There will be opportunities for discussion and debate as well as a chance to network with others interested in this topic.

7 Dec 2022 – The Great Collaborative Learning Podblast

The Active Learning Network and the Association for Learning Design and Education for Sustainable Development are collaborating on a ‘Podblast’ – a free online event that guides participants to learn how to record and publish an entire podcast series in one morning.

Regardless of whether you are a complete beginner, an experienced podcaster or just podcast curious, we welcome you to participate in the event and help to create the final product. Both staff and students are welcome to come along and learn, share existing experience or just listen in on this unique event. It’s time to step up to the microphone!

Interested? Save the date – 7th December 9am – 12 noon (UK time). More information soon!

Best wishes,

The Active Learning Network & Association for Learning and Education for Sustainable Development

5th International Active Learning Conference

Wednesday 20th of July 2022

You can read more about the conference and access the programme on the conference’s website.

Active Learning through Games

Our next ARU Active Learning Network meeting 1-2pm on 19th May will explore Games-based Learning. We will be looking at the differences between game-based learning, gamification, and ‘gameful’ learning. How do such ideas benefit an active approach to student learning? To prepare for the discussion you might want to take a listen to the Pedagodzilla podcast on games based learning(especially from 17 minutes in through to 39 minutes). 

We will also hear from a student about an educational game she has developed based on Game of Life.

“Object-based Learning” exploration hour

10am-10:45am Wednesday 23rd Mar 2022

“Problem-based Learning” exploration hour

10am-10:45am Wednesday 23rd Feb 2022

Active Learning to Engage Students and Enhance Learning

Thu, 13 January 2022 09:00 – 12:30 GMT

Facilitated by MTU Cork and Anglia Ruskin University (ARU): Thomas Broderick, Dr Eileen O’ Leary, Prof Jim O’ Mahony, Dr Tom O’ Mahony, Linda O’ Sullivan, Jamie Heywood

Developing expectations for peer learning

21st October 2021, 13:00 – 14:00

Active Learning Network @ ARU

Digital Reading: affordances for active and collaborative reading from screens

25th November 2021, 4pm

Facilitated by Dr Roy Hanney, Active Learning Network @Solent University

Creative Universities: Reimagining Education for Global Challenges and Alternative Futures

16th September 11am


Meeting the challenge of getting students reading!

Webinar, Wednesday 2nd Dec, 4:00pm-6:00pm (GMT)

Facilitated by Paul Stevens, Matt Lea, Martin Hughes & Roy Hanney,Solent Active Learning Network

Empowering students as creators: Getting started with Wikimedia in the classroom

Webinar, Wednesday 21st Oct, 11:00am-12:00pm (BST)

Facilitated by Dr Richard Nevell, WikiMedia Foundation

Tools and strategies for engaging online learners in Mainland China

Webinar, Friday 18th Sep, 3:00pm-4:00pm (GMT)

Facilitated by Zhuo Li, School of Foreign Languages, Guangdong University of Technology

Cryptic Crosswords in Higher Education: Getting to Grips with Puzzling Terminology

Webinar, Monday 18th May 11:00am (GMT)

Facilitated by Liza Weber, Centre for German Jewish Studies, University of Sussex

Large Group Teaching: Making Active Learning & Dialogue Possible

Webinar, Thursday 14th May 11am – 12.15pm

Facilitated by Joanna Richardson, Lecturer in Biochemistry

Design, Development and Implementation of ICT-based resources using Pedagogic Pillars

Webinar, Wed 22nd April 2020, 11:00am-12:00pm (GMT)

Facilitated by Bindu Thirumalai, Centre for Education Innovation & Action Research, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India.

Peer assessment: developing a communal epistemic virtue among students

Webinar, Friday 3rd April 12pm – 1pm

Facilitated by Nimi Hoffman, Lecturer in Education

Online Distance Learning – How to transition from Face-to-Face Instruction

>Webinar, Wed 25th March 2020, 11:00am-12:00pm (GMT)

Facilitated by: Florent Zwiers, Curriculum Advisor, Parliamentary Institute of Cambodia

Using Video Assessment: Linking Personal Experience to Theory

February 2020

Robert James‎, Teaching Fellow in Social Work and Irene Dallaway-Gonzalez, Teaching Fellow Mathematics Education

Online Masterclass in Teaching and Supporting International Students

Wed 26th Feb 2020, 11:00am-12:00pm (GMT)


Inclusive Teaching & Research Methods

The Quiet Room, Meeting House, Friday 7th February 12 – 1.30pm

Led by the Active learning team with participation from Dr Anna Laing, Lecturer in International Development and Dr Ben Fincham, Lecturer in Sociology

Creating an inclusive environment for discussion in large groups

The Quiet Room, Meeting House, Friday 6th December 12 – 1.30pm

Professor Alison Sinclair, School of Life Sciences

Digital tools for Learning & Teaching: Open Mic

Wednesday 6th November 10:30 – 12:00, Room 76, Falmer Bar

Outdoor learning: Walk on the wildside (with wild technology)

Theme: Small group teaching

The Quiet Room, Meeting House, Friday 8th November 12 – 1.30pm

Dr Paolo Oprandi & Dr Wendy Garnham, Technology-Enhanced Learning & School of Psychology

Using boundary objects to engage students with challenging conceptual contexts

Theme: Small group teaching

TEL Training Room 133 in Essex House, Friday 11th October 12 – 1.30pm 12 – 1.30pm

David Eggleton, Science Policy Research Unit

Step to Learn: Embodied representation for Learning in Organisations

Theme: Risk-taking in teaching

Friday 3rd May, 12-1pm, The Quiet Room, The Meeting House, University of Sussex

Margarita Steinberg, leadership Coach with a specialism in Psychosynthesis psychology, and Argentine Tango teacher

Tutors, risk-taking and good-practice teaching

Theme: Risk-taking in teaching

Thursday 11th April, 12-1pm, Bramber House room 235, University of Sussex

Active Essay Writing: Risk taking and specialism based learning

Theme: Risk-taking in teaching

Friday 8th March 2pm-3pm, Essex House 133, University of Sussex

Wendy Garnham & Heather Taylor

Enjoying risk-taking and not knowing: Practical ideas to inspire a lifelong love of learning from an early age

Theme: Risk-taking in teaching

Friday 8th February, 12-1pm, Meeting House Quiet Room, University of Sussex

Dr Marcelo Staricoff, Associate tutor, School of Education and Social work University of Sussex, Creator of ‘The joy of not knowing (JONK)’, author ‘Start thinking’ and recent headteacher