Activities for inclusion

Beth Hammond, Learning Technologist, University of the West of England "Butterflies" flickr photo by neiljs shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license Inclusive learning and teaching is a hot topic in Higher Education at the moment, and as members of staff we have no doubt been encouraged to develop our practice, complete training and… Continue reading Activities for inclusion


ALN Inaugural CPD Series, November 2022

Photo of orange tip butterfly by Isobel Gowers During the month of November 2022, the ALN ran three CPD webinars with an overall theme of Inclusive Communities, with all presenters being chapter authors of the ALN book: 100 Ideas for Active Learning. The sessions were very lively, and we have received a lot of positive… Continue reading ALN Inaugural CPD Series, November 2022


Hosting the Active Learning Conference 2022

5th International Active Learning Conference - Moving forward with conference On 20th July 2022, we co-hosted the international Active Learning Network conference. The conference programme and recordings attest to the high quality workshops and presentations. In this blog, we share our reflections, as conference organisers, of the processes and planning leading up to the event… Continue reading Hosting the Active Learning Conference 2022