The 3rd Active Learning Conference: A Call for Papers!


We are pleased to announce the Call for Papers for our 3rd Active Learning Conference, to be held on Tuesday 11th June 2019, at University of Sussex. Thanks to the sponsorship of Sony, we are again able to offer this as a free-to-attend conference. 

This year, we are looking for interactive presentations, lightning talks, workshops or discussion submissions. In the true spirit of active learning, we would like presenters to design/share activities that could be tried by those attending. This worked really well last year and stimulated much discussion and debate. Please click the link below to submit your ideas for the conference:

Call for Papers Active Learning Conference 2019


To give some examples of the sessions held last year, we had:

  • a workshop which used the principles of Argentine Tango to demonstrate the principles of leadership,
  • an interactive session teaching us how to learn chess in 30 minutes using active learning techniques,
  • presentations looking at how to construct the ideal “Digital Classroom” and
  • a chance to try out a new initiative (CDIO) designed to close the gap between engineering education and the demands of real-world engineers.


We had representation from across a range of disciplines and from people interested in active learning for many different reasons. We are keen to continue this spirit of cross-disciplinary sharing of ideas and good practice in a friendly and supportive context.

The deadline for submitting your ideas is midnight on Friday 15th February (just after Valentine’s Day!).

These are some of the comments made by attendees last year:

It was inspiring, informative and practical! It was a great opportunity to share ideas with other practitioners and take part and use active learning approaches.

Very focused on a highly relevant topic. Plenty of opportunities to share practice with a wide range of colleagues. Good use of parallel sessions to get as much coverage as possible. Well organized.

Great atmosphere and generosity of spirit throughout, it was a pleasure to participate and contribute. It gave me an opportunity to discover some new ideas and be inspired by some good approaches. Most importantly, staff who are experimenting with pedagogical innovation are frequently in the minority in their institutions and so it was a wonderful opportunity to get together with like minded people to exchange tips and experiences and get energised.


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