Active Learning Network launches its first satellite group at Lancaster University!

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our first satellite network group! Phil Devine will be leading the Active Learning Network group at Lancaster University.

The ‘Active Learning Network’ Lancaster, hosted an inaugural event ‘Discovering Active Learning’ (https://goo.gl/7BrmT7) in December. The aim of the ‘Active Learning Network’ Lancaster is to share, discuss, support and amplify existing ongoing practice at Lancaster (and beyond) that relate to active learning and teaching methodologies. The ‘Active Learning Network’ will provide a forum/network to raise awareness of existing and emerging active learning methodologies, for example ‘Team Based Learning’ and the potential of ‘digital technologies’ that might support and enable those methodologies. Phil says:

“It is the aspiration of the ‘Active Learning Network’ Lancaster as we move forward through the coming years to (a) create a forum/sandpit in order to bring like-minded people together to share practice and ideas, (b) to create an infrastructure to support active learning at Lancaster University (and beyond), and (c) become research active.”

Our satellite groups have the chance to showcase the work being done at their institution via our website and regular blog, have a chance to advertise events they may be holding connected to active learning, take responsibility for hosting regular meetings to discuss and develop innovative active learning methods and for the brave at heart, host the annual Active Learning Network conference.

We are really keen to to expand our satellite groups further- If you are interested in starting a similar satellite group at your institution, please do get in touch via email: activelearningnetwork@gmail.com or W.A.Garnham@sussex.ac.uk or Twitter: @ActiveLearnNTW.

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