Activity theory and active learning research. Digital methods in task-driven collaboration.


Thursday 21st March, 12noon – 13:30

Active Learning Network Lancaster are holding their 2nd meeting this Thursday on the theme of Activity Theory and Active Learning Research. To find out more, click the link below. It is possible to join the meeting via Zoom.

Activity Theory and Active Learning Research

“Our informal event will consist of (1) welcome, update, tea and coffee, (2) activity theory and active learning research (talk and discussion), (3) digital methods in collaboration (task driven collaborative opportunities – an investigation of Microsoft TEAMS and other technologies, (4) call for collaborations, (5) active learning network LU steering group, (6) future events: mid-April 2019 (synchronous video – pedagogies), Summer 2019 (Narrative, ideas…), and (7) Summing up.”

We are pleased to announce that we have an additional four satellite groups in the pipeline! If you would like to get involved in setting up a satellite group at your university, please do let us know: activelearningnetwork@gmail.com

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